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FAQs | Re: The Halifax Triathlon Club

1.  Can I join the club at any time?
Yes, but the annual fee remains the same, regardless of when you join.

2.  I am not a strong swimmer, what should I do?
If you have difficulty swimming more than two lengths of a pool without stopping, you should start on your own with adult swim lessons, or pay for a few private lessons, to establish your technique.  Try to get into the pool a few times a week and you will notice improvement. 

As soon as you are able to swim a few lengths non-stop, you can join the club swims that take place at the Centennial Pool.  

3.  I am not a strong cyclist, what should I do?
Keep up with swimming and running a few times a week, but also start spin sessions or ride outdoors as much as you can. Core and leg strength are also essential for cycling.

4.  I am not a strong runner, what should I do?
Keep up with swimming and cycling a few times a week, but consider joining a run program, so that you can work on this sport.  The key to getting better on the run is to keep the distance short, until you feel your form is getting better.  Most new runners will take frequent walk breaks. 

5.  What is included in the membership fee?
The membership fee is $25 which runs from January to December.  The fee includes the HTC membership but not the Triathlon Nova Scotia annual membership which is also required.  We use these funds to pay our activities (Tuesday brick night, Thursday bike rides, summer supervised lake swims, swim videotaping, social activities and Sunday long course swimming).  We also use the funds to help offset the cost of other workshops such as newbie information night, swim videoanalysis, strength training, training plans, bike fitting info sessions and Computrainer testing.  We now ask a drop-in fee of $4-5 for most workshops.

6.  Are the Centennial Pool swims extra?  Can anyone join?
Yes, these swims cost money for pool rental and for the coaches we have on deck.  We have three sessions per year: October – December; January – March; and April – June.  Most sessions have 20-22 swims.

Sessions are held on Monday/Wednesday from 8:00-9:00pm.
There is a cost for each session which covers access to the pool and the swims.  There is no additional entrance fee to get into the Centennial.
We expect swimmers to be able to swim a few laps of the pool before they join the club swims. 
We try to accommodate everyone who wants to join but there is sometimes a wait list.

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